Why Fad Diets Don’t Work?


Have you ever noticed that all fad diets seem to produce the same results?

First, you lose some weight and feel great, after which you quickly tire of not being able to enjoy the foods you love. You then lose interest and cheat to the point you forget about the diet entirely, and you end up right back where you started—and possibly heavier!

But why does this always happen? Isn’t there a diet which will satisfy your cravings AND rid you of fat?

Why yes, there is, although it isn’t so much a diet as it is changes to your behavior.

The Problem with Every Fad Diet

The problem with nearly every fad diet is that restriction tends to be the rule (no carbohydrates—EVER!!), and they offer few rewards beyond weight loss.

The foods we love, for instance, tend to be a reward system we have for ourselves. When we cannot have them, we miss the satisfaction they give us which we then seek by yielding to our cravings.

However, when we change our behavior and eating habits rather than taking away foods we love, we have much better, longer lasting results—with a little discipline, of course.

Habits are Your Friends

The key to successful dieting is developing good habits.

For instance, let’s say you enjoy pizza, and have it a few times a week--nothing wrong with that! We all love pizza, and it also features a good balance of proteins and carbohydrates along with some other nutritional benefits.

However, by developing the habit of limiting your intake to X-number of slices per week and including a large salad of fresh, multi-colored vegetables along with them, you can better:

  • Eat less, since fiber helps you feel full.
  • Improve and slow your digestion, which fiber also helps with.
  • Improve your nutritional uptake and energy levels.

This means you will have an easier time limiting your calories, and the extra nutrition and energy will help your motivation to exercise.


No, changing your diet and exercise habits for the better may not be listed amongst the latest fad diets, although unlike another boring, restrictive diets, it works.

By starting slowly and developing one good habit at a time, you can better take the work out of eating right, exercising and feeling great.

And, finding the discipline to do it is probably easier than you think—especially when you consider how fantastic you will end up looking and feeling!

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